I like a lot of shows, and anime, and everyone deep down thinks they would be good at cosplaying SOMEONE! I’ve narrowed what characters ‘call me’ to cosplay, and that I would want to. Today. 2/28/13. I wouldn’t be able to pull any of these off though until/unless I had the time and money to do it right. That’s that difference between American and Japanese cosplayers…mostly, heh.

Kagura Tennozu 

of Speed Grapher (Anime: This anime, and Monster I saw in the same period of 6 months back to back to back and was just overwhelmed by how amazing they were).


Esther Blanchett

of Trinity Blood (Anime)


Dany Targaryen 

of George R.R. Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire



of Blood+ (Anime)

images (1)


of Blood+ (Anime)


Edward Scissorhands

It would be something awesome like this chick did (below).


A Team Rocket Grunt

of Pokemon (Anime/Video Game)

Squid Girl

of Squid Girl


of Futurama (Cartoon)

and Moka

of Rosario + Vampire (Anime, either version, maybe both at once! Always room for creativity)



I go to a salon called Strange Beauty Show. Virginia cuts my hair. And she’s wonderful, but I’m a broke college student and going to the salon always costs me big bucks just for a haircut, which I try so hard to get every three months. I realized that short hair works for me. My oily Sicilian hair is such a pain in the ass. It’s wavy too but not so wavy that you can just throw some product in it and say ‘oh hey I have beach hair!’ more like ‘CURL OR STRAIGHTEN OUT YOU BASTARDS!’

So now I’m being brave and growing my hair out a little, and looking for a new cut. here are some of the ideas I’ve got. I’m terrified what it’ll cost for a new cut AND color (and possibly multiple processing if I need to bleach parts of it out) but thankfully I need to grow my hair out a bit more before I have to worry about it. Gotta fill dat piggy bank!

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Anybody remember “Mall Monkeys”? That was my favorite web comic in high school. I don’t remember there being a ton of web comics out then. My friend and I had all these ideas for one but we never went through with it and it was a damn shame! Here are some giggles for your Thursday. Keep workin’ for that weekend!

110_Lego_Fight 2010-04-27-snips32 2011-05-16-first-haunting 2011-11-18-My-Shower-Routine 2012-03-05-ROBERT-FROST-the-brain-is-a-wonderful-organ 2013-02-06-Easy-Fix all-natural chickenspot8 diminishing-concern-500x400 drugs-blog saved the_problem_with_facebook tumblr_mg0v31PC7l1qj2aqzo1_500 tumblr_mihosz1u6L1qz8z2ro1_500


I’m a psych undergrad major in my senior year. There’s not enough psych humor on the internet and I needed to farm to find these. The good ones. Show your psych major friends and tell them to stray from pop psychology magazines!

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A follow up to the last tattoo post, I must say that the tatts that attract me the most are the geeky ones. Which is why I was so giggly about the Babelfish for instance. Things you love, that are well drawn, and have to audition with your eyes to be on your skin. Here are the best of all the Disney tattoos on the interweb.

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AND …these would make for some great Disney ink-spiration!

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People plaster their tattoos all around the internet, and here are some ones that I think are particularly good/decent and why. Just because. I feel like it.


This is a good sized dragon of great quality. It’s not covering the guys entire back and it reminds me of Dany’s dragons (Game of Thrones) while they were still babies 🙂


I think that the little soot balls from Spirited Away are great because they’re so simple, and honestly could go anywhere on a person without being loud or ugly. I’m an avid fan of the movie as well so I’m bias to think people who have these little guys are awesome.


How brilliant is it that someone would tattoo a Babelfish on themselves!? For someone not looking for a big tattoo (again you can tell I like small and simple) this one would even make sense going behind your ear. In it? I don’t think so… Million dollar idea: Babelfish earplugs.


I’m not really fond of the butterfly but I do really like the lacy look and the shading of it. An entire sleeve of this ‘texture’ in different colors would be super cute!


Now this is a great shoulder piece and doesn’t even need color. If I had good skin on my upper back/shoulders I would totally like something this pretty.


Unless you have a totally horrific tattoo artist I don’t think you can possibly screw up a Mucha tattoo. They’re also a big trend as of late, and also very lovely. I have a friend with a colored piece also on her back. This one without color is equally as beautiful.


Placement? Not sure. For a skinny bitch, yeah! Totally! Though if you ever get pregnant good luck :/ I like the three photo frame-esque concept. If you wanted three different themed pieces (say Mucha prints for example!) you could easily save skin space, and get ‘more’ tattoos!  A shoulder blade or thigh seem like good places to get this piece!


These are tattoos someone got (the story goes) from copies of the last birthday (Christmas?) cards their parents gave them. So a really beautiful tribute. I think honestly even if my folks would gasp at me getting a tattoo at any point in time, they’d think it was kind of sweet that I did something like that. But please God, mom and dad need to be alive for 928374982743982 more years okay??


If Tigger would look as cool in this style I’d totally get him tattooed on me like this. But no other tiger is as worthy to be with me forever! Even if you had weight gain or loss I think that this style tatt would be able to cope best with it too.


With Peacocks being ‘in’ I like this smaller version which has a lovely color and tail feathers.


Mermaid scales…mixed feelings, but cute concept.


AND LASTLY TALK ABOUT MIXED FEELINGS! Honestly it doesn’t look that bad.