#gdragon #truelove

As a huge Big Bang fan I have two favorites. G-Dragon and TOP. This post is an ode to my favorite kind of man. Bony and pretty. I’ve never been such a schoolgirl (And I’m 25…) LOVE YOU GD!

And my personal favorite today #crayon…

0b44568c29233a06068dae6ca3f74421 8cbb806f7e65d4c629649cc1bea21ee2 9b01532b15ea159c3d66cc357007a6fc 9ec35351c89ce95906ee055b46cf7fa1 4574bc6878fcd4461d932eedd119fabd 044585132e79b09409b8966f62638a91 b37f122e67ec877386caf9895d327a33 c72d10fbef200873645d4b54a324f361 f49c4761625d43253e33e286779bac7f


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