I like a lot of shows, and anime, and everyone deep down thinks they would be good at cosplaying SOMEONE! I’ve narrowed what characters ‘call me’ to cosplay, and that I would want to. Today. 2/28/13. I wouldn’t be able to pull any of these off though until/unless I had the time and money to do it right. That’s that difference between American and Japanese cosplayers…mostly, heh.

Kagura Tennozu 

of Speed Grapher (Anime: This anime, and Monster I saw in the same period of 6 months back to back to back and was just overwhelmed by how amazing they were).


Esther Blanchett

of Trinity Blood (Anime)


Dany Targaryen 

of George R.R. Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire



of Blood+ (Anime)

images (1)


of Blood+ (Anime)


Edward Scissorhands

It would be something awesome like this chick did (below).


A Team Rocket Grunt

of Pokemon (Anime/Video Game)

Squid Girl

of Squid Girl


of Futurama (Cartoon)

and Moka

of Rosario + Vampire (Anime, either version, maybe both at once! Always room for creativity)


One thought on “#I’dLikeToCosplayAs

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