This is the follow up post to #LetsPlanAnAliceInWonderlandWedding! and the original inspiration of the whole concept. After my best friend had gotten her bouquet(s) off of etsy for her wedding (which was awesome by the way, it was at a zoo!) I thought I’d bum around and look at what else they have. My usual etsy time-killing ritual if I’m not looking for anything in particular is to make treasuries and maybe once a month update them if items get un-listed. Sounds like fun huh? Well, there are worse things that OCD could have me do, but of course I have to update all 5 pages of treasuries at a time no breaks before I’m satisfied. Anyways, I like the fact that my bridesmaid bouquet will never fall apart!

il_570xN.158909964 il_570xN.275664202 il_570xN.293312532 il_570xN.300843797 il_570xN.304380875 il_570xN.304799140 (1) il_570xN.340558235 il_570xN.347140083 il_570xN.368358192_2460 il_570xN.378882497_ftgk il_570xN.404219977_nj7b il_570xN.406760117_ornl il_570xN.411635579_k9t5 il_570xN.411637205_r8rm il_570xN.417755459_jlec il_570xN.418074329_1ar3 il_570xN.427501612_i88f il_570xN.429593525_wccd il_570xN.429917227_a7ip il_570xN.431064357_39i2 il_570xN.432494041_7znj il_570xN.432763314_ic2b il_570xN.433386878_rpxd il_570xN.436151576_oiuc il_570xN.436356346_2izv il_570xN.437103430_p5nv


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