Card Count – MAGIC: The Gathering – Part A

So I took inventory of all the cards in Chris’ Innistrad deck. I’m listing them here, if you have comments how to make it better GIVE THEM! The number next to them refers to the amount of that card in the deck.


Chris Deck A (Innistrad)
INSTANT Ranger’s Guile 3
INSTANT Naturalize 4
INSTANT Gnaw to the Bone 4
INSTANT Dream Twist 3
INSTANT Forbidden Alchemy 3
LAND Island 4
LAND Forest 8
LAND Shimmering Grotto 3
LAND Hinterland Harbor 2
LAND Woodland Cemetery 1
LAND Swamp 2
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Bonehoard 2
Enchantment – AURA Wreath of Geists 2
SORCERY Unburial Rites 2
SORCERY Sever the Bloodline 1
SORCERY Spider Spawning 4
CREATURE Deranged Assistant 4 Human
CREATURE Armored Skaab 4 Zombie Warrior
CREATURE Birds of Paradise 1 Bird
CREATURE Boneyard Wurm 4 Wurm
CREATURE Ghoultree 1 Zombie Treefolk
CREATURE Splinterfright 2 Elemental
CREATURE Avacyn’s Pilgrim 3 Human Monk

INSTANT Forbidden Alchemy 1
INSTANT Negate 2
CREATURE Merfolk Looter 2 Merfolk Rogue
CREATURE Viridian Emissary 3 Elf Scout
CREATURE Llanowar Elves 4


3 thoughts on “Card Count – MAGIC: The Gathering – Part A

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