Card Count – Magic: The gathering – Part B

So I took inventory of all the cards in Chris’s Dark Ascension deck. I’m listing them here, if you have comments how to make it better GIVE THEM! The number next to them refers to the amount of that card in the deck. Mind you the cards listed aside from the deck we’re not sure why we put them there, likely to add in, but could just have been something we did for no reason.


Chris’ Deck B – Dark Ascension
ENCHANTMENT – AURA Curse of Stalked Prey 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Infiltration Lens 3
LAND Inkmoth Nexus 2
LAND Haunted Fengraf 3
LAND Mountain 17
SORCERY Faithless Looting 2
SORCERY Act of Treason 2
SORCERY Goblin Grenade 4
SORCERY Arc Trail 4
INSTANT Gut Shot 2
INSTANT Brimstone Volley 4
INSTANT Artillerize 4
CREATURE Goblin Fireslinger 4 Goblin Warrior
CREATURE Hellrider 1 Devil
CREATURE Torch Fiend 3 Devil
CREATURE Forge Devil 4 Devil
CREATURE Goblin Arsonist 4 Goblin Shaman
CREATURE Goblin Gaveleer 4 Goblin Warrior

ENCHANTMENT Secrets of the Dead 1
ARTIFACT Torpor Orb 3
INSTANT Into the Core 3
INSTANT Artful Dodge 1
INSTANT Dismember 1
CREATURE Russet Wolves 1 Wolf
CREATURE Loyal Cathar/Unhallowed Cathar 1 Human Soldier/Zombie Soldier
CREATURE Niblis of the Urn 1 Spirit
CREATURE Elguad Inquisitor 1 Human Cleric
CREATURE Nephalia Seakite 1 Bird
CREATURE Niblis of the Breath 1 Spirit


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