Now here are MY cards, first my Innistrad deck. Let me know what needs fixing/adding, etc. Like in Chris’s decks. We’re both getting into this again and aside from drafting Dragons Maze stuff we want to improve our old decks. I need to really get back into the whole Magic scene so that I can actually blog properly about the stuff. In the meantime, help!!


Chrissy’s Deck A – Innistrad
ENCHANTMENT- AURA Bonds of Faith 2
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Silver-Inlaid Dagger 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Sharpened Pitchfork 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Butcher’s Cleaver 1
SORCERY Increasing Devotion 2
SORCERY Gather the Townsfolk 2
INSTANT Doom Blade 2
INSTANT Undying Evil 3
INSTANT Tragic Slip 3
INSTANT Faith’s Shield 2
LAND Swamp 6
LAND Plains 10
LAND Ghost Quarter 2
LAND Vault of the Archangel 1
LAND Evolving Wilds 3
CREATURE Angelic Overseer 1 Angel
CREATURE Elite Inquisitor 1 Human Soldier
CREATURE Mentor of the Meek 1 Human Soldier
CREATURE Champion of the Parish 1 Human Soldier
CREATURE Ravenous Demon/Archdemon of Greed 2 Demon
CREATURE Accorder Paladin 4 Human Knight
CREATURE Elite Vanguard 2 Human Soldier
CREATURE Village Cannibals 2 Human
CREATURE Mirran Crusader 2 Human Knight
CREATURE Village Bell-Ringer 2 Human Scout
CREATURE Unruly Mob 2 Human


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