Last part of our core 4 decks. From here on out I’ll perhaps go through the Dragons Maze cards that came in the  mail AND/OR I’ll go through the trillion booster cards we haven’t used for inventory purposes and in case anyone sees anything that would bode well in any of our already constructed decks. Again, for the fourth time, if you think you can give some feedback on the deck (positive is always the best!) and then tell me what I need to add if you have some idea, that would help oodles. Thanks guys!


Chrissy Deck B Dark Ascension
ENCHANTMENT – AURA Favor of the Woods 1
SORCERY Grim Flowering 1
ARTIFACT Nihil Spellbomb 1
ARTIFACT Grafdigger’s Cage 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Silver-Inlaid Dagger 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Sharpened Pitchfork 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Blazing Torch 1
ARTIFACT CREATURE Myr Battlesphere 1 Myr Construct
LAND Haunted Fengraf 2
LAND Evolving Wilds 2
LAND Grim Backwoods 1
LAND Forest 16
INSTANT Wild Hunger 2
INSTANT Gnaw to the Bone 1
INSTANT Naturalize 1
CREATURE Young Wolf 4
CREATURE Festerhide Boar 1 Boar
CREATURE Moldgraf Monstrosity 1 Insect
CREATURE Scorned Villager 1 Human Warewolf
CREATURE Grizzled Outcasts 1 Human Warewolf
CREATURE Strangleroot Geist 2 Spirit
CREATURE Briarpack Alpha 2 Wolf
CREATURE Viridian Emissary 3 Elf Scout
CREATURE Village Survivors 1 Human
CREATURE Grave Bramble 1 Plant
CREATURE Boneyard Wurm 1 Wurm
CREATURE Essence of the Wild 1 Avatar
CREATURE Acidic Slime 1 Ooze
CREATURE Acid Web Spider 1 Spider
CREATURE Ambush Viper 1 Snake
CREATURE Hollowhenge Beast 1 Beast
CREATURE Hamlet Captain 1 Human Warrior
CREATURE Lumberknot 1 Treefolk
CREATURE Elder of Laurels 1 Human Advisor
CREATURE Vorapede 1 Insect


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