MAGIC: The gathering – my blue deck

Constructed last night while I couldn’t sleep thanks to yet another day this month in hypomania land :/

Artifact Elixer of Immortality 1 In case of emergency, +5 life, cards in graveyard to library
Enchantment Aura Mind Control 1 Control enchanted creature
Enchantment Aura Chant of the Skisang 1 Enchant creature, it gets -13/-0
Enchantment Aura Spectral Flight 1 Enchant creature, it gets +2/+2 and has flying
Enchantment Aura Sensory Deprivation 1 Enchant creature, it gets -3/0
Sorcery Chill of Forboding 2 CEach player puts top 5 cards of library into graveyard
Sorcery Artful Dodge 1 Target is unblockable this turn, flashback
Sorcery Divination 1 Draw 2 cards
Instant Forbidden Alchemy 2 Look at your top four cards from your library, put one in hand rest in graveyard
Instant Flash Freeze 1 Counter red or greenspell
Instant Hysterical Blindness 1 Creatures your opponents control get -4/0 until end of turn
Instant Saving Grasp 1 Return target creature to own hand
Instant Thought Scour 1 Target player puts top 2 cards of library into graveyard, draw a card
Instant Think Twice 1 Draw a card, flashback
Instant Griptide 1 Put target creature on top of its players library
Creature Ludevic’s Test Subject 1 transformation Lizard
Creature Laboratory Maniac 3 If you draw a card while your library has no cards in it you win the game Human Wizard
Creature Lantern Spirit 1 flying, return card to owners hand Spirit
Creature Tower Geist 1 When TG enters the battlefield, look at top two cards of library, put one into hand and one into graveyard, flying Spirit
Creature Murder of Crows 1 flying, whenever another creature dies, you may draw a card. if you do, discard a card Bird
Creature Deranged Assistant 1 put top card of library into graveyard, add one to mana pool Human Wizard
Creature Nephalia Seakite 2 flash, flying Bird
Creature Moon Heron 1 flying Spirit Bird
Creature Selhoff Occultist 1 whenever this or another creature dies, target player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard Human Rogue
Creature Headless Skaab 1 enters battlefield tapped, at additional costexile creature card from your graveyard Zombie Warrior
Creature Sphinx of Lost Truths 1 kicker, flying Sphinx
Creature Civilized Scholar 1 draw a card then discard a card. if a creature card is discarded this way, untap this card and ransform it Human Advisor
Creature Dungeon Geists 1 target creature an opponent controls, that creature dosen’t untap during its controllers untap step as long as you control this card Spirit
Creature Relentless Skaabs 1 As an additional cost to cast this card, exile a creature card from your graveyard Zombie Warrior
Creature Fortress Crab 1 Crab
Land 25


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