The lights being off I think I’m hearing one of the dogs lick her chops, but then comes the methodical heaving and I wonder if she threw up on the kitchen floor. Turns out it was the stairs and. It was nothing but bile. She hasn’t eaten all day and it’s likely her owner said that she’s eaten another sock. I wonder if her owner will be home in time to pull the undigested thing out of her rear or if I’ll be stuck doing it. Horrified,  confused and stuck. Not my most glamorous job, but being a pet sitter can be dirty work.

 Dirty and cold. The thermostat is busted and all i I’ve got to keep warm in is one worn, fleece blanket that smells of body odor.  I write buried under it on the couch which is equally as uncomfortable as the bed.

I got my first meet and greet request on dogvacay.com. It’s for Monday.  Not sure yet how it all works. I’ve deactivated my account on that joke of a site care.com.

Overall, as much as I do this because I love animals,  I also do it because it pays the bills and my month long hypomanic spree has generated plenty.

My latest obsession has been magic cards and then there’s my acoustic bass. I don’t regret my spending decisions but I regret spending.  I don’t hardly have the money for this and by this I mean hypomania. I’ve been taste testing depression here and there and expect a crash that leaves a crater traveling at such high speeds.

When I feel the drop at least I’ll be able to sleep. I miss sleep.



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