Magic the gathering 2012 and Terraria for PS3

What horribly awful games. I wasted my free credits on these two stupid games and I’m rather aggravated. Perhaps I need more time to get used to the mechanics but Terraria is a thousand times harder to play than the easy peasy PC version I bought on Steam years ago. I spent 10 minutes trying to use the wood I collected to build a house to no avail. My houses in PC Terraria are always something amazing like this:

In fact, even MORE complicated and lovely! My house in PS3 Terraria hasn’t even gotten 4 walls. Using the left joystick to navigate where I want my pieces to go is impossible, and leaves gaps where it DOES manage to follow through. And in crafting, I can control which panel I want and what items I want to use, but the items I want to make I can’t even figure out how to change nor can I find directions through the game how to access the mechanics to do so. So I’m going to have to look it up online. A LOT of things I’m going to have to look up online and hope some kind soul has the information I need. Otherwise, the game is pointless if I can’t even make simple wooden jumping planks to get out of holes. There seem to be plenty of materials to mine however and plenty of trees. I hope to see more to this game than the PC version both in exploration as well as crafting. If not, I’m going to bury my head in the sand in shame.

As to Magic, I got the 2012 gold pack because it was cheaper, and the turn system is so slow and irritating it messes with my patience. I had downloaded the game so I could sharpen my skills now that I’ve got infinity Magic cards to play with and will be joining a group to draft with on a weekly basis. If anything, I’ve got a headache and not being challenged. The times I expect things to be slower or pause they don’t and the times I expect things to zip along, they don’t. Both aggravating to the max.

As far as Ni No Kuni is concerned, I’m stuck at the puzzle when I enter the Porcine Palace and have been stuck for nearly a month. After about 15 minutes a sit down session trying desperately to get to the door on the other side of the map and being caught by guards at every other turn, I’ve officially begun to think I’m never going to finish this game that I was enjoying so much. I would rather be back in the uterus stage fighting a giant jellyfish.

To top things off, the sick dog I was pupsitting died of a heart attack within a couple hours of me leaving and her owner coming home. It wasn’t my fault in the slightest, and I took care of her the best I could, but thanks to mental health issues I’m feeling guilty, at the least, for not being there when she passed. The same thing happened in a way a few years ago when my grandpa’s passed. I wasn’t there when either of them passed away and both times we weren’t there just for an hour when it happened but other family was. It’s like they waited for the grandkids to step out for a few minutes to go. Just like Sarka may have waited for me to quietly go in peace. There’s a chance she had a heart attack, which is what her owner thinks as she had puked black all over the living room while I wasn’t there, which was probably right before her death. This isn’t a pretty story, but it’s fresh and painful and when her owner called to tell me she was in tears and I was in shock. I felt bad I didn’t burst into tears on the spot but my heart was racing. After we were off the phone and my dad asked what happened (for he was watching me while I was on the phone) I started crying and couldn’t stop for about a half hour when I finally talked to a friend of mine who calmed me down.


It was after that massacre of emotions that I downloaded both games and was highly dissapointed and irritated and now I just feel drained but can’t sleep. I’ve been depressed lately, but fine during most days, even happy, which leads me furthermore to agree with the diagnosis that I’m a mixed cycler. Rare but treatable. It’s also been difficult to keep up with taking my pills. I have been taking them of course, but it’s the same kind of ‘God it’s so much work to do it’ feeling as getting yourself in the shower, and once it’s done it’s done, so there was never a reason that it was a big deal in the first place. I have to drive my mom to work around 7 and it’s 3 and can’t sleep. Good luck to me tomorrow. Life is hard.


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