a week in pictures

I just updated my ‘large monthly planner’ by journaling in all the blank spaces even if it wasn’t day specific. Gotta love that OCD. At least it feels productive when I’m done giving in to my compulsions to use up all the space. Using gelly rolls too! The metallic ones.

990878_393369407445826_360013949_oThe other day I made an egg in a pan I didn’t know that I had. It’s big enough for 2 eggs (barely) probably meant for 1.

962064_392569980859102_1304648366_nThen I was driving and saw this…

989408_392667417516025_1998149222_o 991089_392667447516022_594369663_oAnd am getting back into the Magic scene. We played double dragon, then 3 way. My favorite deck is white and black. From the Innistrad block.

989896_392869474162486_1109913684_oWe’ve been playing a ton of Magic and Munchkin lately. We have three Munchkin blocks now. The original, zombies and space. It’s out of control how many cards we have now. David is going out of town for a week and Joanna is leaving so we are going to do some slowing down, but we still plan on doing a 4 person group where we draft from the box of Dragon’s Maze boosters we haven’t touched yet. There are Magic and Munchkin apps for android if you’re looking for something. Then you can use die for counters  on top of a card, which worked out great (for Magic).

I’ve also been playing my bass guitar, it’s acoustic. I’m awesome.


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