I bought this for myself today. It’s a journal with a magnetic strip at the end which snaps the lid shut so to speak. I’m a journal freak. I try to keep my blog interesting and whatnot but all the boring documentary details of the days of my life are usually all jam packed in my journals including all of my OCD lists which have a tenancy to bounce from journal to journal…


I put this sticker from redbubble on the title page. It’s Gandalf with his staff raised saying “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”


These are things at Qwimby’s Book Store in Chicago I saw today I really want.


I love journals.

I’ve been using the Diet Doodle Diary for my diet stuff.

Speaking of which I’m doing alright for myself for this first week of hard work eating better and working out.

These are some journals that I’ve used in the past that I love!

and my personal favorite that my boyfriend gave me as a present once:

It’s the king of novelty journals for people like me who love this crap.


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