Pictures Not Included

My posts almost always have pictures in them, and I think it enhances the reading experience, but at work I can’t snag or download any gif’s or pictures and so you now know here I am, at work, bored IN my mind (at least if I were out of my mind I’d have another realm to play in.)

The worst part about this job is the hours of staring into space. Working at a computer isn’t fun at all. Even with the internet at your fingertips. It’s as if you can run out of things to do on the internet (how dare I say such a thing right?) I’d love to have League of Legends downloaded so I could kill time between orders playing it. Each of those games by default is at least 20 minutes and can last an hour depending. I’d LOVE to waste my time pressing “q-w-e-r” and clicking away madly as if the faster I click the faster I’ll make it to that point on the map. I’ve been impressed with my support skills lately in the game as I hadn’t played for nearly a year.

I always played support in LoL, mostly because I’m a girl and played with a group of guys, all of which ‘put me in my place’ and that place was support. No one pays attention to how many wards you buy or when you heal them but when my heal is on a cooldown or all of my wards die at once because I buy 10 at a time and throw them all up at approximately the same time, THEN you hear about it. No one wants to play support and no one appreciates it. Even I, playing support characters, like the idea of getting offensive items once in a while, hitting /ignore all as soon as I get into game, and just playing the way I want. I like AP Carry Soraka, I like KS-ing, I’m not gonna lie, I LOVE getting the kill as support. Just because Nami’s a fish doesn’t mean she gets cold feet about killing! (waka waka womp womp).

6 hours to go.

The next best thing to LoL would be someone to play Magic: The Gathering with. I’d just push everything on my desk to the left and make some space for my cards. On Friday nights, the boys and I get together (a completely different group than my LoL friends. My girl friends aren’t into nerd stuff) and play a mini tournament. You know, losers play each other, winners play each other until there is one ultimate winner for the night which last time was Matt. I’m still feeling out most of these guys, and how to act around them. Two of my closest (guy) friends come with for Magic night and I can be a complete goon around them, but when it comes to the rest, I tend to tense up, act a little awkward, and get very self conscious if I don’t understand a card I’ve never seen before.

I love that two crazies just made a half hour fly by for me. I had to stop typing and pay full attention to David, one of our drivers (everyone here but one guy is Korean and barely speak English). David’s probably the worst for communicating because he has a lisp as well as a thick Korean accent. He comes in the office and tells the longest stories where he reiterates everything he says and he, much like my late grandpa, tells the same stories on the daily.

So as David was telling a grand set of stories, Mr. Yang walked in the office playing a LOUD Korean game on his phone and singing in Korean. I had to bite my tongue not to laugh while David’s on about his ex wife and son. They left the office about the same time and now there’s only 5.5 hours to go.

Watch out if I blog again today. My fear is that all you kind people who subscribe to me will get bored of me or don’t like the variety in my postings. So here’s to hoping you stay subscribed, and cheers to you for sharing life with me.



I am all over the GD place right now. I woke up this morning wanting to go back to sleep, but I just couldn’t. I was too restless.

I did my damndest not to eat the leftover homemade enchiladas. I mean I literally took the container in my hands, tried to open it, had trouble then thought “IT’S A SIGN FROM GOD TO REMEMBER MY DIET” (Of which I lost another 2 lbs this week so far).

After finishing some homework early in the day and confident for school tonight I’m totally elated I have free time to watch Disc 2 of Season 4 of Sailor Moon.

And then after a disc I decide IT’S TIME TO DO THINGS! And I remember “OH THERE’S A NOVEL I WANTED TO WRITE” and fail to get more than a few sentences out. So then I clean house. So then after that I chomp down on some turkey breast and celebrate the low calories. And after THAT I get the guts to leave the house, go to the local craft store and find SOMETHING to do. I want to learn to cross stitch, but all the patterns they have at the store are either too lame or too hard. So I look at the yarn and decide to pick up knitting again. I want to make a sailor moon scarf for myself, but that’ll take a lot of time because I need to know how to knit a bow, so I decide to knit my own Darien a scarf for when he travels cross country this winter. Just…so many things…and after a while my fingers hurt and I’m done with THAT too.

And now in about a half hour I need to go to school. I really hate the hour drive to the satellite campus. I get nervous driving these days. That and I’d just rather let the creative juices flow, continue jumping around from thing to thing, actually try drawing in the sketch book instead of putting myself down that I won’t be able to draw anything good. I need to stop being such a stiff and just go with something. I’m definitely down now.