Diet Day 9 & Falling out of Trains

I’ve finally been able to sleep a little. Klonopin (which I have only a few of I borrowed from a friend since I’m out) and Valerian tea right before bedtime have helped me to knock out fast enough that I don’t need to worry about my breathing problems until I’m in a full out hissy fit panic about not being able to breathe. The bottled oxygen my dad ordered for me also came in the mail, which will be useful to sleep with. Like an aluminum teddy bear. Two nights ago i had a hefty cup of tea and last night I had a Klonopin which knocked me out pretty good. My psychiatrist told me once he gives Klonopin to old ladies to help them sleep. At the time I thought that was pretty depressing, but whatever works now it seems.

I’ve got to adjust the school train so that it’s running without too many stops. I’m the only one whose supposed to be taking this train here, so when I get to an empty stop I just get sad, that we even stopped to begin with. Today I’m going to work my hardest in class and finish my homework before school that I can only do at a school computer. It’s not the act of doing the assignment that gives me the anxiety, it’s the ‘when can I go in early enough but not too early or late to finish the assignment before class begins?’ I believe it’s likely if I were a sailor scout I’d be Pluto so I could be in control of time.  It’s not even that I want to get off, I just want to take a break here and there, and that’s why I got back to finishing Season 3 of Sailor Moon and taking 20 min-1 hour walks. Speaking of Sailor Moon, I created a tumblr as a strict fandom website. I personally think my site is superior to those of all the other Sailor Moon fansites out there on tumblr, but I suppose it’s all a matter of taste.

On an off note, I’m at a stable weight even after eating a few more calories than normal yesterday. Today I’m back to being very strict and hoping to lose a pound by tomorrow. These are some clothes I’d like to get (my style) when I’ve lost at least fifty or so more pounds.

0e22682bd58c21f6a71cd02565e00a56 81cda1fb2edb4e8f49c381578cf79a5c 619da805775dbccc2d3f0947b6e20fff 906edbfa670b1fd3d4fff2d865835e3e 7381d6e947e2175fd006fd6c5f477a67 a2e57cb5505f44769ca38a6392954155 a41d56549cc0cf98989fc483629a833f a92ef06dd166fdc48f6d8b1e33be72bb ab7938f057e0abd78376abc008c9ba56 b90c377682a8d73c084298fa177dd492 c63efd45802931ad1dc19cc5b18cb475 d2bda991e2f52c6946b05dd4988d6db3 d727219987d09aeaeebc8d1509c93e98 ed1fae3c93b165a9eb808c5d81c58fa9 fb056fbfab1c72bbbb77bc6ee260e4f4 fdbaefb752db139f82c33d9b46af32a3


One thought on “Diet Day 9 & Falling out of Trains

  1. Oh my gosh! The cardigan with the giraffe arms and the cardigan with the tiny bats are just too cute! I can never find any quirky little cardis here, which is lame. I like your style.

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