Just being

The microwave is on top of the refrigerator which houses extra spicy salsas,  organic roast beef and a pitcher of filtered water that tastes untouched by man. 

I’m dog sitting. The lucky girl is half Rott half Doberman. The unexpected daughter of two prized show dogs who suffers with arthritis. She barks at animals on TV and bounces up and down at the screen. I learned this once watching some ducklings on my very first episode of “Too Cute.” She prefers to cuddle and lay at my side as opposed to loafing on her bed. She looks down and presses her head onto me when I scratch behind her ears. Her head is lean and warm. She is Roxi, and I love her.

The apartment is small. Just enough room for one person and her dog. The bed is tall and firm. Not what I’m used to. My bed has a feather cover and full body pillow “nest” that envelops me in my shared room. It’s not the cubby bed or pull out sofa I use when I dog sit Taz.

The walls are white in the living room with very warm colored art on the walls. Roxi is at my feet on this couch covered by a soft beige blanket. The “suede and cashmere” candle has been burned to the bottom of the jar. It has two wicks and I near burned myself trying to shove my hand in there with a gas station lighter.

She has a framed and folded flag from her service to our country and a photo of her late nice. In her room is a beautiful duo of jewelry boxes and along either sides of the mirror are countless metals from runs and triathalons. Her trusty bike sits ready to roar next to the living room couch, sandwiched between it and the wall. It’s blue and white with thin wheels, balancing a matching helmet and the front wheel rests on a physical chemistry book, which makes me grin.

I’m watching Ancient Aliens. I’m not used to satellite TV. Roxi takes ME for walks. It’s been a nice vacation from everyday life.

I could live in a place like this. The backyard is magical. Red woodchips, red patio with white plastic chairs that are dirty and a stairway up to the neighbors apartment.

The lot is fenced in and when you step through the gate you’re in a well lit city alley. There’s a small house at the far end of the yard that could be a garage or maybe someones small home. This building is only a few feet from the neighbor building. You can see through the blinds of that house into the kitchen.

I’m here until Thursday morning when I’ll leave the place looking untouched. I’ll leave the dog with a big treat as a finale to all the spoiling I’ve been doing to her. Then I’ll go back to the norm. I always feel a little sad leaving my doggie getaways.


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