Coffee Time!

“Coffee Time!” Mr. Yang says when he brings me a styrofoam cup of hotel coffee. Our limo company is based out of a hotel so the coffee is free, it just tastes like soap water. Based on that, David, another one of the drivers, regardless of if I have coffee already brings me a large McDonald’s coffee. In exchange, I give him preference of the orders he’d rather do. He’s picky in the first place, and I appreciate the coffee so it’s the least I can do.

Yesterday Chris and I went shopping. We took pictures and Snapchatted our friends (Snapchat is an awesome app which allows you to take pictures or mini videos and send them to your friends with the app, the only catch is that the pictures only open for 3-10 seconds depending on your settings then they’re gone forever unless you take a screenshot). Chris tried on Halloween masks and I took a picture of some colored yeti’s in a Ragstock (it’s like a chain thrift store). I got a pair of pixel sunglasses while we were there and I bought Chris a white and red striped “Waldo” shirt that he can wear for Halloween. I also bought a hand sanitizer (full size “Sweet Pea”) from Bath and Body Works for the office.

Shopping was fun, I normally don’t buy myself much when we go on excursions like that, but I did get myself the new Pokémon which I’ve hardly played and am still getting used to the new mechanics, but am enjoying. I started with the water frog pokemon and gave it a nickname. I always give my starter pokemon a nickname, and perhaps my legendary one, but no one else!

Being back at work, even though I don’t work full time, is difficult this morning because I’m so tired. I have 2 and a half more cups of coffee at my disposal right now, which will hopefully get me through four o’clock. Every hour I celebrate the time closer to when I get to leave, I assume other people do the same, it’s just harder when you’re not moving around, sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, so today a lot of etsy/themed posts are going to go up to kill time and to entertain my guests (those who visit my blog).

I hope you’ve enjoyed peeking into my life this week.


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