Adventures in Pokemon Y

My lineup as of right now consists of:













As far as my commentary on the lineup, I’m just surprised how strong my Furfrou is for a normal Pokemon, and how CUTE my fairy is. I think the fairy Pokemon are great, and Floette may be one of the cutest Pokemon they’ve ever created.

Psychic Pokemon seem not to be to overpowered in Pokemon Y. I was surprised to get a Pikachu practically off the bat. I don’t think I’ve played seriously with a Pikachu since Pokemon Blue. It’s really refreshing and nostalgic to run into some of the original 150 Pokemon, especially since I haven’t interacted with most of them since Pokemon Snap or Pokemon Colosseum. Throwing back to that era is awesome in this game, so are the graphics and the SPEED. No need to hold down the B button because you get roller skates off the bat, a bike later in the game and it’s almost a little too speedy when you’re trying to stop to talk to another trainer. The global trade system is a little goofy as you can put anything up for trade and you’re taking your chances as to what you’re going to get. I put up a level four something or other that I snagged as my first catch in global trade and got a Pikachu just going to show that no one is putting in anything worth much.

Not having to run back to the lab to get my fossil Pokemon was a great feeling. Handing it over I expected to be told to come back but instead it came right back as an Amaura. I kind of did that decision in the dark. Part of me wanted to look up what my choices would be but there’s always a little fun in the coin flip anyways. The full spread exp share is great, and though I keep cycling my Pokemon to make sure they’re all approximately the same level, I don’t need to worry AS much keeping my team on the same page.

I nearly caught an Eevee and after that failure my heart broke a little. I still don’t have a fire Pokemon and I was hoping to evolve that sucker into one. I just got my second gym badge and there’s seriously so much junk to do in between gyms now. The lore is great too and you can shop for clothes and accessories. The most I’ve done is get myself a pair of pink high tops to match my hat, but I really enjoy the mechanic. There seem to be a lot of darker skinned (at least, dark for Pokemon) people in the game, and you have the option to be one yourself. You can either be slightly dark skinned, or the normal ghost white blonde, or slightly less blonde whitey, all with the same face. They’re taking steps in the right direction for customization at least. Not that it’s a huge necessity for the game but it is nice to have options. The clothing option is their biggest effort and I do enjoy it. So far I’ve collected berries but haven’t run into any mixing stations, Pokemon contests, or accessories for them.

I do HATE that you can’t screencap during the game the way you can in Animal Crossing for instance, but there are pre-arranged photo spots where you call over a guy who takes your picture. You can mess with the lighting, the focus, and the rest of the composition which is surprising to the extent they threw those details in there and you may also TIP him. You can tip a few different characters in the game and though I normally don’t (sorry Pokepeople I’m a cheap-o) I think it’s an…interesting option.

So far those are my Pokemon adventures! I they were of some interest to you fine bloggers.



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