Finals Week

My nerves are shot. There’s holes in them. The one class I loved the most this semester is over and I’ve got two classes left to conquer. I feel like I could either choke and die a horrible death or fly south like a bird for the winter. Either way I’ll be fighting the good fight and putting my best foot forward. I feel as though I’ll be relieved after my test tomorrow, for then it won’t be in my control anymore and I won’t have to feel those anticipatory nerves. Extra nerves are never good on top of your already shot ones! It’s just a mess then you see, a mess!

Anyways, I wrote a nice e-mail to my teacher saying thank you for the class, I was bolder than I thought I’d be. “Just wanted to say I’ll check in with you at the end of the break just to say hi, it’d be a shame if you ended up not remembering me so I’m going to have to keep in touch. I only care because you are officially one of my favorite professors ever and a super human being. You’ve been so supportive this semester and I couldn’t have succeeded as much as I did without your support. It makes me sad I’m not a freshman looking for Intro to Cultural Anthropology next semester! I’m sure you’ll do an equally as awesome job and inspire another student or two or five or all of them. I’m a psych major and done with my minor classes this semester anyways so I wouldn’t be seeing you even if you were teaching another elective. However like I said, I’ll keep in touch and I hope you will respond! Just in case you don’t, have a wonderful rest of your life, and start by having a fantastic break.”

I’m glad I pulled out of my depressive slump somewhat and am just in interepisode insanity rather than one pole or the other kind of insanity. I made some really sweet friends this semester and kept the one I made last semester too. I’m managing to be okay at this friend thing, and now I have a ton of WordPress friends to keep an eye on as well. I plan on making a list (and checking it twice) of all the bloggers I want to spend time checking in on so I don’t miss anybody whose not right up in my face every time I get online. I feel like that’ll at least relieve some anxiety. (Give into the obsession with the compulsion!)

Deep breaths Barbie doll, the next chapter of your life will begin soon.


5 thoughts on “Finals Week

  1. I wish you luck in your exams, but I’m sure you won’t need it! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you made some friends – it’s a tough part of bipolar. WordPress is nice for that, too. Hope you have a good day!

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