I am immeasurably temperamental and spastic when I do not take my Luvox. I can’t find the bottle and won’t see the doctor until Friday so until then I need to realize everything is actually okay and there’s no need to rage at little things and remember how to breathe, I sometimes forget how without Luvox. I also get paranoid at things like someone is watching me through the vents or hiding under the bed. Obsessive thoughts are both embarrassing and terrifying. Makes you realize how important your medication is.

I’m dog sitting for 10 days and feeling lonely in the house. I looked at the brand of lipstick this lady is using nowadays and find out it’s fifty dollars a tube. I hope to make it so good one day financially that I can live with high end products in my bathrooms.

Speaking of makeup, I bought a Borghese foundation today which is literally the best foundation ever. It’s light with full coverage, and keeps my skin matte all day. I have real oily crappy skin that disagrees with all other foundations. I almost bought some other things but I’m trying to save my money, even though I paid all my bills for next month already thanks to this paycheck.

Monday I tutor, last week they were not monsters which was a treat. Tuesday is my night class. Wednesday I get my ADD testing results and Friday is the psych appointment. I’m hoping one of the drugs if not multiple I need to acquire this week will give me what I need to get over my fears and visit my advisor about the big project I need to accomplish before the end of the semester so I can graduate. Time is ticking.

I’m freezing by the way. All winters in Chicago blow, but temperature wise this is THE worst. I’d rather have that winter back with the huge snow storm. At least it didn’t screw with my car running.i


5 thoughts on “Rage~Polar

  1. I know it’s hard when you “know” you need the medication. I had to start taking 80mg of Latuda again.. I was down to 40mg. However, an old friend came back to visit me. Music. It became deafening after a few days.. always playing in my head. It’s like getting a song stuck in your head that will never leave. Maddening.

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