Stuck in my head

Once the lights go out I have a thing about monsters under the bed. Someone should lay me down on a couch one day and figure that one out for me.

Good news for those of you who’ve stuck with me the past few weeks. I just got approved for medicare! Time to figure out how to deactivate the GoFundMe. For those of you that reblogged my post out of the kindness of your hearts you are deeply appreciated and are absolutely wonderful people. Just in case you didn’t know!

I can’t wait to get back on Seroquel and Ritalin. My quality of life is going to improve so much once I do.

Looks like my dogsitting days are over. My cop client moved in with her boyfriend and Taz seems to have a new sitter. Those were my last two clients. It’s been a lot harder to pay the bills since that halted. The job search is all the more vital now, and after 34 job applications I feel like I’m running out of places I’d LIKE to work. Can’t we trade goods and services and forgive all credit card debt? I’d totally start breeding goats and knitting sweaters to get by.

I’ve been avoiding him for a year, but my good ol pal ANXIETY has got to be taken care of. There should be hit men for that. I’ve been overweight the past two years and had a gym membership the past year I haven’t touched. Anxiety is why. I honestly think after I get myself in the door that first time I’ll be just fine.

Aside from that…I’ve started an instagram “lelindelle” if you’d like to look me up (shoot me a comment so I know to add you back). I put up the past several years of my amateur photography that I’m really proud of, some snaps from the adventure so far, and hopefully a lot more NEW photography since I’ve got the bug again. Of course, I need to kick the anxiety to actually go places to take those pictures.

Damn you anxiety. You’re truly my arch enemy.


11 thoughts on “Stuck in my head

  1. I really know what it’s like to wish you have a job. As a result of my anorexia I’m not actually allowed to get one and all I can really do is watch my mum’s bank balance go down while we move through everyday.
    Have faith. I know you can pull through it, each day is a new chance for you. Remember that there is always going to be a few road blocks but there is an ultimate plan for you that you might not see just yet. But just believe in yourself. You are awesome, chosen and picked for a reason.
    Anxiety is a struggle but if you live in thanks for the little miracles the rest of it will fade in time.

    With love Leah-Kate

    • Thanks Leah-Kate 🙂 I hope you can overcome your struggles and I can overcome mine and one day the both of us, though strangers, can look back and be grateful that we’ve made it as far as we have.

  2. I hope the seroquel and ritalin go well. Great that you are notw approved for medicare. It must have been very hard having to go without your much needed meds. cheers!

      • It is so unfair that healthcare is deemed a luxury in this country.

        Krissy, I hope you get theefs you need soon. I think we both have the same Dr. isnt she great?

        As long as we are loved and have the capacity to love their is hope.

        Rock on!


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