You go ahead and PUNCH that wall!

I’m livid with how bad my memory is this year. The more I realize it when something happens and makes it apparent the more I just want to punch a wall. I should dig in on the school library database and see if there’s any claim to my particular Bipolar or OCD meds screwing with people’s memories as a side effect when they’re on them long term. I’ll probably forget to do that too though, HA!

I’m trying to embrace the fact that I can’t sleep. Mainly it’s because I’m worried about tomorrow. Obsessive Compulsive people don’t like change in their routine. I can handle changes a lot better than I used to be able to now that I’m well medicated. However, it’s safe to say I have a habit of not being able to sleep the night before something out of the ordinary is going on.

I’ve been dogsitting since Wednesday at an apartment I’ve dogsat at twice before. I’ve been struggling with missing my well established sleep, cleaning, and swimming schedule which I keep up at home and keeps me feeling accomplished and well. I also feel cleaner at home regardless of showering here. On the other hand, it’s a bit of a vacation.Ā  I haven’t had an opportunity to dogsit in months, and I’m grateful for the extra money most of all.

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The man whom the dogs belong to is very nice and I keep in contact with twice a day via a text to send him updates. Mostly they’re just a quick ‘things are fine’ sort of thing. I’ve gotten less anxious now that I’ve found a good sense of when I should take the dogs out and become re-aquainted with their querks. Tomorrow (today rather) is my sisters birthday. I told the dog’s papa before I said I could take the job, that on the 19th I wouldn’t be available mid-day and he was fine with that. He’s got a neighbor coming over to walk the dogs. What worries me, is that she won’t put the walking collar on tight enough on one of the dogs (he’s got no regular collar because it was giving him allergies) and he’ll get free, or that she’ll tinker with things in the house she shouldn’t causing me problems later.


I wrote her a lengthy note ‘reminding’ her things I assume the owner told her. I also worry about what time she’s coming. I asked her to text me after she’s finished. That will make a huge difference in my schedule and how much time I’ll have to spend with my family celebrating. It’s not a big deal kind of celebration, just an immediate family dinner, cake and gifts really. Maybe rent a movie on Amazon or Redbox. Regardless, I want to be there and make my sister feel loved.

She’s a bit more open on holidays, which is to say she speaks a little more, has better hygene, and is in a little better mood (For those of you new to the blog, she’s 24 today with Asperger’s). This is my chance to interact a little more with her since she’ll be open to it. With my bit of extra cash I’m going to get her an extra gift before I head home in the morning. I got her a My Little Pony card game the both of us could enjoy together, and plan on getting her one of those Funko POP! vinyl My Little Pony figures. We may even watch the ‘new’ My Little Pony movie together tomorrow on Netflix. She was asking if there were any Barbie movies on Netflix a few nights ago, so we have a few things we could watch.

I suppose the last thing I need is to be devoid of sleep when I have a busy day, but perhaps it’ll throw my sleep schedule back into a ‘normal’ pattern. I take more naps than I normally would when I’m dogsitting, stay up much later than usual, and barely eat anything.

I hope to enjoy the day and the last of my dogsitting adventure without a hitch. Cross your fingers for me!


11 thoughts on “You go ahead and PUNCH that wall!

  1. remember changes in your sleep can also affect your memory.
    but I would check out the side effects on the meds. many meds have that as a side effect. unfortunately. I hope you had a good time with your sister. and the rest of your dog sitting time went well!! fingers were crossed.

  2. You know, the lack of proper nutrition may be the culprit in the poor memory here, not side effects from meds. Lack of certain vitamins cause brain fog and memory loss. Check it out! If nothing else, drink chocolate (or vanilla) Ensue Plus- it’ll help recover those vitamins, ;0) So will taking daily multi-vitamins…heheh. Happy b-day to your sis! (p.s. I’ve decided that after the semester’s out, I’m taking 1 to 2 years off of school. UGH. I miss “my life”.)

    • Hey Barbie Q!
      I’m sorry to hear that you are not sleeping. I have had trouble with that as well. I think we have the same Dr. B.S. She has given me a couple of things to try. Mainly I do a lot of yoga. It relaxes me and tires me out.

      I haven’t read your blog in a while. You are a good writer, very descriptive, and you convey your love of your family beautifully, and your frustration.

      You are a good person and if there is such a thing as karma, everything will work out in the end. Keep plugging away
      Hang in there.

  3. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your memory. I do know that some medications can make you foggy. I’m not sure what you take so I can’t be sure. I also suffer from bad anxiety and I don’t do well with change. I think that there are times where my anxiety actually affects my memories.

      • I’ve never taken Luvox, but I have taken Lamictal. I don’t remember exactly how I felt on it because I’ve tried a lot of different medications, but I do know that one of the side affects can be memory loss. I’d have to research it further to know how common that side effect actually is.

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