I didn’t blog for months because I was anxious about not having blogged for months



26 thoughts on “I didn’t blog for months because I was anxious about not having blogged for months

  1. I absolutely loved reading this post. I am new to this so I haven’t read your work before but welcome back I am definitely going to follow you so I can read more!

    • I’m so happy you’re around! I peeked in on you so many times last time I was actually emotionally able to log on here without anxiety and never saw anything from you on your blog. Going to check on you shortly over there. I REALLY hope things are going well for you Rob!!!

  2. this is fantastic! and i have the same problem. i get all these “prolific” ideas right before i go to bed, and i get to the computer and they just seem like crap. and then the longer i don’t write, the more anxious i become. but i realize i do this with almost all parts of my life so i guess it’s just par for the course. but seriously, this is so creative, and brilliant, and your art is really good – what a creative way of expressing yourself. i have found my creativity has pretty much died with my bipolar II meds, so I am jealous – but you also just seem really talented. 🙂 glad you’re back, for however long you can be.

    • Thank you SO much and no way, you can totally dig that art out of yourself. I think to myself a lot that parts of me I used to flourish in went away with all of this stuff too…but you CAN dig around there and find it, just hard to get yourself to have the motivation and confidence TO do it. Thanks so much for the positive vibrations. I hope YOUR anxiety offs itself because anxiety sucks and you seem to be very nice and therefore eff your anxiety.

  3. I logged on to my computer today and thought I’d send you an email to check on you and there you are with a blog post! How cool is that?
    I like your cartoon. Except for the negative thoughts going through it. Take that out and look at how much nicer it would be.
    It gets the point across thought that you are talking to yourself in negative ways. I’m sorry. I get it. We both need to be better about it. We are simply human, we are doing the best we can, we have to be more gentle with ourselves. Notice I’m saying WE! I’m trying too.
    I’m so proud of you becoming a behavioral therapist! You’ve come a long way baby. Remember that!
    and look at all these comments, people miss you.

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love you lady and missed you. Your e-mail has been sitting in my inbox and I’ve been fighting through goo to get back to it all this time…so…same thing as the blog :/ and I just had major bad news yesterday so I’ll write that up in there for you because I know you’ll listen and obviously I need to wah wah about it. ❤ ❤ ❤ Checking in on your blog shortly 🙂 I'm having a long week :/

  4. I think a lot of us, especially people with any sort of emotional baggage or mental illness such as Bipolar can be too overly critical of our own work… I think they are great cute and funny comic images! I’ll be reading more of what you’ve posted and will love to see how you do as I can totally relate also to staying awake with what seem awesome ideas then later feel unsure if they are any good at all…

    • Thanks 🙂 All ideas are good ideas unless they hurt other people. At least they’re good in some way and I’ll check in on your blog soonly. Just had to spew my own thoughts tonight and have work in a few hours…so going to see if throwing up my words will help me sleep now.

  5. Your blog is FAB! So funny. Did you do those illustrations yourself? They are brilliant!-you should do a book of them. Have you heard of a blogger called Ruby etc? Google her. She does really cool illustrations of a similar style which have been made into a book 🙂

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