Hello Ol’ Chap.

I have popped my head out of the gopher hole and I leave you this. I will return after marathon mind has ended and I can focus once again.



9 thoughts on “Hello Ol’ Chap.

  1. I get the same thoughts from time to time. Why do we waste our precious time above ground fearing the inevitable? I try to stay in the moment. Which is sometimes easier said than done.

  2. You’ll be ok. I just kept of saying my mantra “This too shall pass.” — over and over again til I feel better. Sometimes it works right away sometimes not fast enough…
    just believe that your mind is so powerful that you’re in control of anything you focus on.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Love & light.
    ❤ BP

  3. My anxiety recently told me my oldest son had cancer. I freaked out until my friend told me that the voices in my head haven’t gone to medical school and were unable to make that diagnosis.

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