We’re all miserable differently



20 thoughts on “We’re all miserable differently

      • I’m glad it helps your heart 😊 It takes talent and guts to be creative when you feel so shit. I’m wrapped up in a nest made of a duvet and lots of pillows to comfort me. My arms can barely touch the keys! Hiding is the only thing to do sometimes, I’m sure many people can relate to being triggered by something they’ve read on the Internet. These people from all round the world who we have often never met, appear on the other side of our screens and ruin our day. It’s crap 😕😡

      • That doesn’t sound dumb to me, I’d probs feel the exact same. I hate facebook-it causes so much dissatisfaction one way or another, which is why I deactivated mine. take care hun x

  1. You are special. You are worthy. You will come out of this. So sorry that you feel like shit right now. I hope you have a better time this weekend. Connect with a friend if you can.

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  3. I love your drawings, a great way to get things out.
    Stick figures are the best. They get out what needs to be said without all the extras.
    You are very creative.
    I’m very proud of you for sharing. You are very brave. I really admire that about you.
    You tell it as it is.
    Keep it up. and the peace will come….in bits and pieces at least.
    I don’t feel like I’m saying anything of any substance so I’ll shut up.
    Keep drawing. Keep sharing. that is all.

    • While the interactions with people, the events, the circumstances may differ, there are some similarities that are the same.

      According to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, nothing you read, hear, or see can make you depressed or angry, it is you who make you depressed or angry. It is your perception of what you are reading, hearing, and seeing, it is the distorted thoughts that pass through your mind (entertaining thoughts). Below are two blogs that I penned on this, which comes from one of the books on those blogs.

      Dealing with Destructive Self-Defeating Thoughts

      Let All Wrath and Anger Be Put Away From Us

      From the book …

      FOR AS I THINK IN MY HEART SO I AM: Combining Biblical Counseling with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy [Second Edition]

      I am not looking for a sale, some of the chapters are free to read as blogs. If you want to read the whole book, I can let you read the Google eBook. I have attached the cover. Take care, my online friend.

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