My Fingers Get Panic Attacks

Life is going pretty well if I put it on paper (or, internet paper…). However, I am still not happy.

I’ve been coloring this big picture for my brand new pen pal who I’ve been friends with for a couple years now online and I notice some water droplets touched the paper…if anything it gives it a bit of a watercolor flushed look and it’s tried and the damage is done but…THE DAMAGE…IS DONE!!! Oh god it’s ruined. I’ve spent like 3 hours on this thing trying to make all the colors work together and I’m nearly done and then…drop drop drop. Honestly I don’t even think it’s a big deal but it makes me feel SLOPPY and no one wants to feel sloppy when they present themselves to another person…I want to still send it though. Honestly it shouldn’t be a big deal. But right now it’s the BIGGEST deal.

I have a mood tracker app on my phone which I recommend, it’s called, “Mood Log” and it’s brilliant. Gives you a little graph and you can log your mood at your fancy any time of the day or night very quickly and easily. Since I started Celexa about a week and a half ago now I’ve noticed instead of solid 2-3’s (out of 10) I’m more generally in a 4-6 range. Right now in this moment I’m about a 3 though, with tightness in my tummy.

I’ve been trying really hard to work through the kinks of life and I’m obviously alive to write that all out but my fingers have been having major anxiety attacks. Seriously. That’s why I go missing from blogging, I feel guilty I haven’t a set schedule and pumped out new material for people to skim and nod at. I feel guilty when I don’t get back to e-mails…oh lord do I feel guilty…PANIC ATTACKS. Just this paralysis, or this gap in my brain that disconnects, “I should reply but my reply won’t be brilliant and witty and long so it’s not quality and I can’t just send a SLOPPY e-mail” and then the days go by and the weeks and I have a couple e-mails I’ve been meaning to reply to that I keep putting off because of finger fears. Same thing in my facebook inbox, though for whatever reason it seems to be a lot harder in my gmail one.

See, all the words in the English language are at my disposal (I haven’t worked on my second language skills in months, should get back on that, I think- though by the way from a cognitive behavioral therapy standpoint using ‘should’ statements is a no-no), and I can ‘share’ a meme on facebook or throw a few ‘like’s on my feed as I’m laying in bed sorting out all the things I’ve done and have to do and contemplating getting up to drink water because that’s good for me but I’m depressed and don’t want to get up and also water sometimes leaves droplets on your coloring pages. It’s problematic.

Woe is me, my job is great and when I’m at work I do a great job though in-between sessions I have with clients I get MAJOR anxiety about how it’ll go, even though I’m wonderful at what I do and get a lot of positive feedback from higher ups. Woe is me. I have a pen pal now!!!!! How cool is that?! Woe is me. I have friends who want to share stories with me and hear mine too. WOE IS ME. I’m starting side projects like picking up knitting again (I WILL finish this blanket before I die, I swear!!) and zine making and taking care of my skin and hair. But you know, I’m miserable. So, as guilt so often does it will give me enough fight or flight anxiety now that it’s built up like gunk inside my arteries to empty ALL of my inboxes tonight which will feel wonderful. Until they fill back up again and I’ll have to rewire my brain with self talk so that I can fight against the finger panic attacks. Though I know, they’ll still come and as they do I’ll have to face them.

For all of you out there reading this, I hope very much that you’re having a fantastic day and be sure to feed your fingers with fabulous thoughts so they work well for you. Time to catch up on some blogs!


8 thoughts on “My Fingers Get Panic Attacks

  1. Thanks for coming by my glow to say hello, and some nice comments. Glad your fingers allowed it. 🙂
    Guilt is pretty much a useless emotion. Unless you feel guilty for something like doing drugs or something else that causes you harm…it’s useless. We feel guilty over things we can’t control. And for things others don’t notice.
    You felt guilty for not being in touch with me. Well sweetie I’m guilty there too. I’ve been away with my own mess, I’m getting better, but just didn’t feel like I could do much, so I haven’t. (I was put on a new med and the side effects were awful.)
    I’m proud of you. You are working hard on you. On life. You really are amazing. You may be depressed but you can still see the good in your life. That’s big.
    Send the coloring. You’re friend won’t care about a few water drops. I’d feel honored to get something from you.
    Anxiety is hard to overcome, I think you are working hard on it. I believe it will get better.
    No more shoulding. Or as we said in group therapy. Don’t should on me.
    I should remember that more often. LOL
    Good to see you my dear.

      • I am on Facebook. I have a page for my blog. you should go like it, just because I need more likes. LOL
        and I have a personal page. I don’t go on there very much, as I find myself staying on there way too long, and get upset by the stupid things people say. I haven’t looked much since the election…and during the running. People were arguing way too much. They aren’t going to change my mind, I’m not going to change theirs, so there is no use in arguing. so there. hahaha
        my name on there is Wendy Calloway Holcombe. Wow now you know my maiden name. LOL
        I’m on messanger on Facebook. So if you send me a message I’ll see it on my phone and can answer you quickly. hopefully.
        I should send you a photo of my socks. Haha
        I’m also making baby blankets for a charity called Project Linus. It’s fun so far.

        Now I’ve written a book on your blog again.

      • No worries there. Starting conversations can be daunting.
        I’m here if you ever want to hollar out at me. Just be patient if I don’t answer immediately. I’m bad about that. ♡♡

  2. Forgot to tell you, I’ve started knitting too. I loom knit, it’s different, but I’m learning how to do a lot. I made a pair of socks!! You can finish that blanket, I know you can.

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