First Post in a Long Time

Avoidance. It’s a huge anxiety provoking choice we make. I’ve avoided blogging here for over a year now. I also happen to be in an outpatient program for anxiety and depression. I’m using a skill called opposite action right now to blog even though I don’t want to and I’m nervous what people will think especially since this post is less than perfect (challenging my perfectionism here too). So this could be exposure therapy in a way. So next post, that’ll be the one where we get back into the swing of things. This is it. I’m doing it. We’ll touch base on DBT skills next post. I just need to put this up. Stop avoiding. We’re back, ladies and gentlemen.


2 thoughts on “First Post in a Long Time

  1. As an opposite action, this post seems pretty close to perfect! It’s concise and communicative, and it made me realize that short posts can still be really good, informative posts and that maybe I could borrow the short post as a strategy for times when I need to overcome my own avoidance. Welcome back!

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