My Daily Check-in Sheet

It was suggested to me I put my check-in sheet I use for myself on my blog in pdf form so DailyCheckIn! More content to come soon, there’s a lot going on including progress with TMS and what it’s like.


2 thoughts on “My Daily Check-in Sheet

  1. You are awesome! So very brave to ask for help and to share your journey. I sincerely hope you achieve the stability and general happiness you seek. I’ve found for myself that done of the equation was choice. I choose not to beat myself up over the past, compare myself to others, judge myself all the time, show the same compassion and kindness to myself that I show to others. We have to focus on things we can control, right? Are you taking care of yourself? Do you use research based methods to give yourself the best chance to succeed? Do you give of yourself to others? These are things we all can control.

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