Coffee Time!

“Coffee Time!” Mr. Yang says when he brings me a styrofoam cup of hotel coffee. Our limo company is based out of a hotel so the coffee is free, it just tastes like soap water. Based on that, David, another one of the drivers, regardless of if I have coffee already brings me a large McDonald’s coffee. In exchange, I give him preference of the orders he’d rather do. He’s picky in the first place, and I appreciate the coffee so it’s the least I can do.

Yesterday Chris and I went shopping. We took pictures and Snapchatted our friends (Snapchat is an awesome app which allows you to take pictures or mini videos and send them to your friends with the app, the only catch is that the pictures only open for 3-10 seconds depending on your settings then they’re gone forever unless you take a screenshot). Chris tried on Halloween masks and I took a picture of some colored yeti’s in a Ragstock (it’s like a chain thrift store). I got a pair of pixel sunglasses while we were there and I bought Chris a white and red striped “Waldo” shirt that he can wear for Halloween. I also bought a hand sanitizer (full size “Sweet Pea”) from Bath and Body Works for the office.

Shopping was fun, I normally don’t buy myself much when we go on excursions like that, but I did get myself the new Pok√©mon which I’ve hardly played and am still getting used to the new mechanics, but am enjoying. I started with the water frog pokemon and gave it a nickname. I always give my starter pokemon a nickname, and perhaps my legendary one, but no one else!

Being back at work, even though I don’t work full time, is difficult this morning because I’m so tired. I have 2 and a half more cups of coffee at my disposal right now, which will hopefully get me through four o’clock. Every hour I celebrate the time closer to when I get to leave, I assume other people do the same, it’s just harder when you’re not moving around, sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, so today a lot of etsy/themed posts are going to go up to kill time and to entertain my guests (those who visit my blog).

I hope you’ve enjoyed peeking into my life this week.


Walking With Dad

Dad and I went for a 2 hour walk today. I took some pictures of both him and the scenery. Day 4 of my diet and exercise program and I’ve lost 3lbs total this week. I’m still violently depressed after realizing just how fat I’ve gotten, but at the rate of losing about a pound a day or two, I may be able to melt the first stage of this juicing/vegetarian thing away. I’m scared when I eat meat again that it won’t hold well in me. It happened to a friend of my moms back in the day. I’ve left myself with spare calories the past couple days and it feels good to be a calorie counting walking full time student who works three days a week. I have a lot going for me now that I didn’t surely before, and though my anxiety is still pretty paralyzing I’m in better emotional shape than I have been in years. Now when I lose all this weight and get in good PHYSICAL shape I’m totally going to learn to dance hip-hop style.

Photo Challenge Week 1

I decided to re-do the whole photo challenge thing, but post my photos grouped weekly. This week I’ve gotten out to do a lot of exercising (walking) and the flowers have been good for my mood, the walking in public by myself has been good exposure therapy for my anxiety.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Blog for hungry bloggers

Since I have a new journal and I’m really hungry I went ahead and surfed the web looking at menu’s of places I’d like to eat and scribbling them down. Now, it’s your turn to read my journal.

Julius Meinl Cafe (Chicago)

Iced Mocha – 3.95

Spinach and Cheese Croissant – 4.25

Rosti Potato Pancake (eggs) – $10 carmalized onions, parmesan, truffle oil

Broccoli sharp cheddar (eggs) – 8.75

Jalapeno Cheddarwururst (eggs) – 9.50 roasted potato, smoked cheddar, caramelized onions

Lucky Platter


Omelette “No. 1” – 8.75 filled with artichoke hearts, avocado, goat cheese, and our roasted tomato sauce

Tuscan Omlette – 8.75 roasted red peppers, mushrooms, mozzerella, pesto, a little maranara

Montana Hash – 8.50 2 eggs any style served with a 3 cheese roasted veggie and potato hash


The Chorizo Burger – 9.25 with red leaf, chorizo, pepperjack cheese, avocado and chipotle mayo

The California Burger – 8.75 sauteed spinach, roasted red peppers, avocado, feta and garlic aioli

Kuma’s Corner

Kaijo – bacon, bleu cheese crumble, frizzled onion

Metallica – bacon, blue cheese dressing, buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion

Absu – tomatillo salsa, pepperjack, avocado red onion relish, queso fresco, trio of fried chiles

Bakin’ & Eggs

Caramelized Onion Frittata Р12 bacon + blue cheese + balsalmic

Sauteed Spinach Frittata – 11 mushroom + gruyere

Chilaquiles – 10 baked corn tortillas + sweet onion + tomatillo salsa + parmasean cheese + eggs your way +green onion and jalapeno sour cream

Southern Comfort Bowl – 11.50 potatoes + 2 eggs your way + cheddar + biscuit + chicken apple sausage gravy + sausage

Corner Bakery Cafe

Roast Beef & Goat Cheese on Potato Thyme Bread – roast beef, arugula, tomatoes and balsamic onions with a creamy goat cheese spread on potato thyme bread

Chicken Pomodori on Sourdough – all natural roasted chicken, fresh basil and spinach, onion-roasted tomatoes and provolone cheese with pesto mayo

Pesto Cavatappi – all natural roasted chicken and cavatappi pasta tossed in our rich pesto cream sauce and sprinkled with toasted bread crumbs

Tapas Barcelona

Patatas Alioli – 3.95 rich garlic potato salad with black olive mayo

Queso De Cabra Con Tomate – 6.50 baked goat cheese in tomato sauce, nicoise olives and garlic bread

Empanada de Borrego – 6.75 puffed pastry filled with lamb, spinach, tomato basil, sherry sauce

Barcelona – 7.50 artichoke, garlic, mushroom, olive and provolone pizza

Le Peep

Roma – eggs scrambled up with cream cheese, spinach, roasted tomatoes and artichokes nestled in a casserole

Carmel Macchiato – creamy carmel, espresso, steamed milk and a little froth with a drizzle of caramel

Mocha – rich chocolate, espresso, steamed milk and a touch of whipped cream

Mix your own juice

Funky Monkey Smoothie – chocolate milk, banans and ice

Farmers Benedict – a warm biscuit split and topped with two sausage patties, two poached eggs and smothered in our homemade sausage gravy. Served with ‘mom’s sassy apples’ and ‘peasang potatoes’.

Earth’s Healing Cafe

Liquid Sunlight Smoothie – apple juice, mango, pineapple, kale, spinach

Coconut Berry – coconut milk, banana, blueberries, dates, and goji berries

Dark Maca – coconut milk, banana, dates, raw cacao, maca, cinnamon

Paradise Pup

Char Cheddar Burger on Black Bread – 4.49

Smoque BBQ

St. Louis Ribs/Full Slab with slaw & 2 sides – 22.95

Sides: Mac & Cheese, Fresh Cut Fries

Fireside Restaraunt & Lounge

Blackened Catfish Sandwich – 8.95 fresh catfish farm raised in aerated water, dredged in cajun spices combined to enhance not overwhelm, the sweet flavor of the catfish, served with mayo, lettuce and tomato

Reuben – 8.95 lean corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss cheese grilled on rye bread

Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast – 10.95 marinated in lemon juice, garlic and cracked peppercorns then flame broiled to juicy perfection

Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese – 9.95 our homemade decadent mac and cheese mixed with smoked gouda and your choice of two kinds of veggies (roasted red peppers and broccoli)

Fireside Supreme Pizza – 11.95 the classic! italian sausage, pepperoni, onions, green peppers, mushrooms

Lazo’s Tacos

Chilaquiles Rojos O Verdes – 5.95 Tortilla strips with scrambled eggs topped with red or green sauce and cheese

Tamales – 1.95

Combonation 1 – 6.25 Combonation tamal, quesadilla, taco and salad

Davis Street Fishmarket

Filet Mignon – 29.95 herbed butter, mushrooms, red wine jus, garlic smashed potatoes

Maryland-Style Blue Crab Cakes – 23.95 remoulade sauce, cole slaw

Renga Tei

good god I want to sleep

I’m listening to my mash ups that I posted in the upper right corner “about me” text box. I forgot how much I enjoyed making them. I’d like to do another, but they’re so much work, so it’s not a job for this morning. In fact, I should have been sleeping five hours ago, but that’s about the time I woke up all gung-ho to finish my transcript for my first podcast. Now I’m wondering whether or not I should put it up as a youtube video or an actual podcast. I’ve decided on the website buzzsprout. They even have a html code I can put into my blog when I do upload an episode. I’m not used to reading things aloud and don’t feel like I sound that smooth. Part of me wants my friend to read it for me, but I’m sure I’ll do it myself. My next obstacle then will be to add music. After that I can finally upload it and maybe collect a listener or two. If I can get at least 10 I think I’d feel pretty proud of myself.


I hope I can find the other 5 hour energy that I bought yesterday because I’ll damn well need it today. I’m going to see Orange Drink at night with Saskrotch and a couple other acts I haven’t heard of. It’s nerdy chip tuney music. I saw Orange Drink a couple years ago opening for Nullsleep and they really stole the show, so I’m excited. I think I’m more excited for them because I’m about to do something public too, and broadcast myself.

Yesterday was a bust, but hopefully today I can get plenty done. Even hit the library. If only now I could sleep. My body is Lyme Diseasing out right now with skin hypersensitivity and minor aches and pains. It’s keeping me up. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been truly comfortable. I do like after spilling out my guts into that podcast transcript that I feel a little more open about blogging about the personal. That’s a huge part of being bipolar and about being a blogger anyways, even if no one is interested in reading.