Diet Diary Day 8

I made breakfast in a rush. I was starving. I mean I couldn’t make food fast enough. It was like driving home while having to pee.

And I have a ton of calories left for the day!


Diet Day 7 in .gif’s

I’ve been counting my calories (1500 a day) and being really careful but I still am only slowly doing the whole working out thing. It’ hard when you’re fat, busy, and have thyroid disease. Overall an hour a day is a LOT of time to put aside and make yourself sweaty and worn out from WALKING. In fact, today I was sick and I skipped my walk. I feel REALLY guilty about it, so I might aim for some crunches before bed even though my fat gets in the way of that kind of thing.

I did lose 5lbs by day 7…

But it’s been hard.

And though I’m proud of myself…

I’m frustrated today.

But we all have our struggles.

And weight loss is a huge one.

Especially with school, work, and illness all chipping away at my willpower.

But I’m planning on losing 3 more lbs this week and keeping the prior 5 off.

Wish me luck.

Walking With Dad

Dad and I went for a 2 hour walk today. I took some pictures of both him and the scenery. Day 4 of my diet and exercise program and I’ve lost 3lbs total this week. I’m still violently depressed after realizing just how fat I’ve gotten, but at the rate of losing about a pound a day or two, I may be able to melt the first stage of this juicing/vegetarian thing away. I’m scared when I eat meat again that it won’t hold well in me. It happened to a friend of my moms back in the day. I’ve left myself with spare calories the past couple days and it feels good to be a calorie counting walking full time student who works three days a week. I have a lot going for me now that I didn’t surely before, and though my anxiety is still pretty paralyzing I’m in better emotional shape than I have been in years. Now when I lose all this weight and get in good PHYSICAL shape I’m totally going to learn to dance hip-hop style.