Red Wedding

I thought I dropped my phone in a sewer today and I completely spazzed out. It was in my purse.

Heard the Red Wedding on GoT was super gory, I was sort of boycotting the show because of the show/book discrepancies but hearing how the wedding went it makes me want to just suck it up and watch JUST so I can see it.



People plaster their tattoos all around the internet, and here are some ones that I think are particularly good/decent and why. Just because. I feel like it.


This is a good sized dragon of great quality. It’s not covering the guys entire back and it reminds me of Dany’s dragons (Game of Thrones) while they were still babies ūüôā


I think that the little soot balls from Spirited Away are great because they’re so simple, and honestly could go anywhere on a person without being loud or ugly. I’m an avid fan of the movie as well so I’m bias to think people who have these little guys are awesome.


How brilliant is it that someone would tattoo a Babelfish on themselves!? For someone not looking for a big tattoo (again you can tell I like small and simple) this one would even make sense going behind your ear. In it? I don’t think so… Million dollar idea: Babelfish earplugs.


I’m not really fond of the butterfly but I do really like the lacy look and the shading of it. An entire sleeve of this ‘texture’ in different colors would be super cute!


Now this is a great shoulder piece and¬†doesn’t¬†even need color. If I had good skin on my upper back/shoulders I would totally like something this pretty.


Unless you have a totally horrific tattoo artist I don’t think you can possibly screw up a Mucha tattoo. They’re also a big trend as of late, and also very lovely. I have a friend with a colored piece also on her back. This one without color is equally as beautiful.


Placement? Not sure. For a skinny bitch, yeah! Totally! Though if you ever get pregnant good luck :/ I like the three photo frame-esque concept. If you wanted three different themed pieces (say Mucha prints for example!) you could easily save skin space, and get ‘more’ tattoos! ¬†A shoulder blade or thigh seem like good places to get this piece!


These are tattoos someone got (the story goes) from copies of the last birthday (Christmas?) cards their parents gave them. So a really beautiful tribute. I think honestly even if my folks would gasp at me getting a tattoo at any point in time, they’d think it was kind of sweet that I did something like that. But please God, mom and dad need to be alive for 928374982743982 more years okay??


If Tigger would look as cool in this style I’d totally get him tattooed on me like this. But no other tiger is as worthy to be with me forever! Even if you had weight gain or loss I think that this style tatt would be able to cope best with it too.


With Peacocks being ‘in’ I like this smaller version which has a lovely color and tail feathers.


Mermaid scales…mixed feelings, but cute concept.


AND LASTLY TALK ABOUT MIXED FEELINGS! Honestly it¬†doesn’t¬†look that bad.


I know I know, I just got done bitching and¬†complaining¬†about The Walking Dead the other day, but you should hear me go at it about Game of Thrones! George R. R. Martin’s¬†Song of Ice and Fire¬†is one of the best million billion pages of fantasy I’ve ever read. When I found out they were going to make it into a HBO series I was skeptical and when I watched it I was ready to throw myself into the flames. First because of the casting, though Peter Dinklage¬†is a great Tyrion and a great actor in general he’s WAY too pretty to be Tyrion. They couldn’t slop some makeup on his face and make him look more like the REAL Tyrion? And Cersei, my god. The guy in this video is hotter than her. She’s supposed to be DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. I mean here I go again ranting.

After A Game of Thrones the TV show here, I decided it’s best I don’t watch movies or shows based off of books that I’ve¬†previously¬†read or loved. Much like…The Lovely Bones,¬†Never Let Me Go, Twilight, (the new version of)¬†Salem’s Lot, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter 1-7, American Splendor, Angels & Demons, Beowulf, Dreamcatcher, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Fantastic Four, Garfield, The Golden Compass…The list goes on and on and¬†The Hunger Games movie is borderline rantable, but it turned out that Jennifer Lawrence is such a sweetheart and pulled off a pretty good Katniss as much as I went into the show feeling like I was going to hate every minute of it but then started to chill out…But only because of her!