A pinch of apps, a spoonful of mood tracking

The waters of life have set storms in my direction I haven’t until now experienced the past couple months and I ought to sing how grateful I am that I’ve stayed afloat and haven’t drowned by now, my initial ship is now a bit of a flat raft with a worn bed sheet as a sail, and so if you were to ask how I’m doing I’d say that I’m managing the heat stroke and paddling in the right direction. Managing my functionality is the name of the game.

From the ashes of some of my wrecked ship pieces has come the idea for a website which is currently under construction. I’m tremendously proud that I brought the idea to life and have finished one full page about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Aside from mental health it will also address Lyme Disease which I have over a decade of experience with. I will be having a blog for both topics on the site. Right now, it’s still a baby, but it’s what I’ve been up to (aside from working all the time and an increased rage associated with the companies professionalism).

Breathing and meditation are just not for me. It’s like coffee. Coffee ‘doesn’t work for me’. I can drink an iced coffee with 4 espresso shots and feel only a bit more energized for a short period of time. Breathing is good for grounding but not very soothing to me. Same with meditation. I’d rather talk aloud or hum to hear my voice and inner monologue what it feels like to be driving. I’ve been using an app called “VitalTones” and using their app for decreasing anxiety, I’ve done it daily for a couple weeks and haven’t seen a difference. I’m logging my moods on an app called “Mood Log” and making a note with every entry about what’s happening at the time I’m logging my number mood 1-10 (1 being worst mood 10 the best) and then transferring all the daily data to my journal, averaging mood and anxiety and then graphing it, and will bring to my doctor. Here’s a page from my journal:


As you can see, I haven’t been feeling too great. As far as anxiety goes, 1 is lowest anxiety, 10 is highest. At the moment I’m writing this I’m about a 6.5. In an ideal world I’d log my mood every 10 minutes, but I don’t have the drive for that on a day off nor do I have the luxury on a work day. That would give the most accurate depiction. I feel like a lot of the time my 7-9 anxiety doesn’t get logged because I’m busy and then my averages look more like a 4 or 5 rather than what is more likely a 6 or 7. Logging my mood has made me feel as if I have more control in managing my functionality. I recommend it. I also recommend the whole breathing and meditation thing, but I also have to say do what works for you. What gets you through the day? The hour? The minute?


a week in pictures

I just updated my ‘large monthly planner’ by journaling in all the blank spaces even if it wasn’t day specific. Gotta love that OCD. At least it feels productive when I’m done giving in to my compulsions to use up all the space. Using gelly rolls too! The metallic ones.

990878_393369407445826_360013949_oThe other day I made an egg in a pan I didn’t know that I had. It’s big enough for 2 eggs (barely) probably meant for 1.

962064_392569980859102_1304648366_nThen I was driving and saw this…

989408_392667417516025_1998149222_o 991089_392667447516022_594369663_oAnd am getting back into the Magic scene. We played double dragon, then 3 way. My favorite deck is white and black. From the Innistrad block.

989896_392869474162486_1109913684_oWe’ve been playing a ton of Magic and Munchkin lately. We have three Munchkin blocks now. The original, zombies and space. It’s out of control how many cards we have now. David is going out of town for a week and Joanna is leaving so we are going to do some slowing down, but we still plan on doing a 4 person group where we draft from the box of Dragon’s Maze boosters we haven’t touched yet. There are Magic and Munchkin apps for android if you’re looking for something. Then you can use die for counters ¬†on top of a card, which worked out great (for Magic).

I’ve also been playing my bass guitar, it’s acoustic. I’m awesome.