“Today” will be day one of my youtube spectacular I think. It’s been a project for months now that I’ve put off because I get angry at myself for not speaking fluent Korean or being lazy. I’ve been wanting to sing a song I like and do a youtube cover. After thousands of times working on BigBang songs (because I’m a huge fangirl) and 4minute as my female vocs, I’ve found that by breaking down the syllables in the rap “Bad Boy” I can actually do better than if I’m to sing “Blue” which is my other best. So that’s my plan now. Even in the process of learning so damn well that I can just sing/rap without hesitation I’d like to make some videos. For the 2 or so people who actually read this blog, I’m sure it’ll be a side splitting laugh at first BUT I’LL SHOW YOU ALL!



David So is one of the most fabulous YouTube personalities to date that I’ve seen and seeing this video cracked me up. His response to that dumb B*%^# that got kicked for her racist blonde ass air headed bimbo video was pretty fantastic too.


One day I ran across the group Waveya who are super sexy dancers and among their videos were a couple tutorials I wanted to plug in here along with some others. I love how Korean stars just know how to DANCE man. Us Americans are pathetic in comparison. It’s like Japanese versus American people cosplaying. Gogo Asia right?