Pictures Not Included

My posts almost always have pictures in them, and I think it enhances the reading experience, but at work I can’t snag or download any gif’s or pictures and so you now know here I am, at work, bored IN my mind (at least if I were out of my mind I’d have another realm to play in.)

The worst part about this job is the hours of staring into space. Working at a computer isn’t fun at all. Even with the internet at your fingertips. It’s as if you can run out of things to do on the internet (how dare I say such a thing right?) I’d love to have League of Legends downloaded so I could kill time between orders playing it. Each of those games by default is at least 20 minutes and can last an hour depending. I’d LOVE to waste my time pressing “q-w-e-r” and clicking away madly as if the faster I click the faster I’ll make it to that point on the map. I’ve been impressed with my support skills lately in the game as I hadn’t played for nearly a year.

I always played support in LoL, mostly because I’m a girl and played with a group of guys, all of which ‘put me in my place’ and that place was support. No one pays attention to how many wards you buy or when you heal them but when my heal is on a cooldown or all of my wards die at once because I buy 10 at a time and throw them all up at approximately the same time, THEN you hear about it. No one wants to play support and no one appreciates it. Even I, playing support characters, like the idea of getting offensive items once in a while, hitting /ignore all as soon as I get into game, and just playing the way I want. I like AP Carry Soraka, I like KS-ing, I’m not gonna lie, I LOVE getting the kill as support. Just because Nami’s a fish doesn’t mean she gets cold feet about killing! (waka waka womp womp).

6 hours to go.

The next best thing to LoL would be someone to play Magic: The Gathering with. I’d just push everything on my desk to the left and make some space for my cards. On Friday nights, the boys and I get together (a completely different group than my LoL friends. My girl friends aren’t into nerd stuff) and play a mini tournament. You know, losers play each other, winners play each other until there is one ultimate winner for the night which last time was Matt. I’m still feeling out most of these guys, and how to act around them. Two of my closest (guy) friends come with for Magic night and I can be a complete goon around them, but when it comes to the rest, I tend to tense up, act a little awkward, and get very self conscious if I don’t understand a card I’ve never seen before.

I love that two crazies just made a half hour fly by for me. I had to stop typing and pay full attention to David, one of our drivers (everyone here but one guy is Korean and barely speak English). David’s probably the worst for communicating because he has a lisp as well as a thick Korean accent. He comes in the office and tells the longest stories where he reiterates everything he says and he, much like my late grandpa, tells the same stories on the daily.

So as David was telling a grand set of stories, Mr. Yang walked in the office playing a LOUD Korean game on his phone and singing in Korean. I had to bite my tongue not to laugh while David’s on about his ex wife and son. They left the office about the same time and now there’s only 5.5 hours to go.

Watch out if I blog again today. My fear is that all you kind people who subscribe to me will get bored of me or don’t like the variety in my postings. So here’s to hoping you stay subscribed, and cheers to you for sharing life with me.


MAGIC: The gathering – my blue deck

Constructed last night while I couldn’t sleep thanks to yet another day this month in hypomania land :/

Artifact Elixer of Immortality 1 In case of emergency, +5 life, cards in graveyard to library
Enchantment Aura Mind Control 1 Control enchanted creature
Enchantment Aura Chant of the Skisang 1 Enchant creature, it gets -13/-0
Enchantment Aura Spectral Flight 1 Enchant creature, it gets +2/+2 and has flying
Enchantment Aura Sensory Deprivation 1 Enchant creature, it gets -3/0
Sorcery Chill of Forboding 2 CEach player puts top 5 cards of library into graveyard
Sorcery Artful Dodge 1 Target is unblockable this turn, flashback
Sorcery Divination 1 Draw 2 cards
Instant Forbidden Alchemy 2 Look at your top four cards from your library, put one in hand rest in graveyard
Instant Flash Freeze 1 Counter red or greenspell
Instant Hysterical Blindness 1 Creatures your opponents control get -4/0 until end of turn
Instant Saving Grasp 1 Return target creature to own hand
Instant Thought Scour 1 Target player puts top 2 cards of library into graveyard, draw a card
Instant Think Twice 1 Draw a card, flashback
Instant Griptide 1 Put target creature on top of its players library
Creature Ludevic’s Test Subject 1 transformation Lizard
Creature Laboratory Maniac 3 If you draw a card while your library has no cards in it you win the game Human Wizard
Creature Lantern Spirit 1 flying, return card to owners hand Spirit
Creature Tower Geist 1 When TG enters the battlefield, look at top two cards of library, put one into hand and one into graveyard, flying Spirit
Creature Murder of Crows 1 flying, whenever another creature dies, you may draw a card. if you do, discard a card Bird
Creature Deranged Assistant 1 put top card of library into graveyard, add one to mana pool Human Wizard
Creature Nephalia Seakite 2 flash, flying Bird
Creature Moon Heron 1 flying Spirit Bird
Creature Selhoff Occultist 1 whenever this or another creature dies, target player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard Human Rogue
Creature Headless Skaab 1 enters battlefield tapped, at additional costexile creature card from your graveyard Zombie Warrior
Creature Sphinx of Lost Truths 1 kicker, flying Sphinx
Creature Civilized Scholar 1 draw a card then discard a card. if a creature card is discarded this way, untap this card and ransform it Human Advisor
Creature Dungeon Geists 1 target creature an opponent controls, that creature dosen’t untap during its controllers untap step as long as you control this card Spirit
Creature Relentless Skaabs 1 As an additional cost to cast this card, exile a creature card from your graveyard Zombie Warrior
Creature Fortress Crab 1 Crab
Land 25


Last part of our core 4 decks. From here on out I’ll perhaps go through the Dragons Maze cards that came in the  mail AND/OR I’ll go through the trillion booster cards we haven’t used for inventory purposes and in case anyone sees anything that would bode well in any of our already constructed decks. Again, for the fourth time, if you think you can give some feedback on the deck (positive is always the best!) and then tell me what I need to add if you have some idea, that would help oodles. Thanks guys!


Chrissy Deck B Dark Ascension
ENCHANTMENT – AURA Favor of the Woods 1
SORCERY Grim Flowering 1
ARTIFACT Nihil Spellbomb 1
ARTIFACT Grafdigger’s Cage 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Silver-Inlaid Dagger 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Sharpened Pitchfork 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Blazing Torch 1
ARTIFACT CREATURE Myr Battlesphere 1 Myr Construct
LAND Haunted Fengraf 2
LAND Evolving Wilds 2
LAND Grim Backwoods 1
LAND Forest 16
INSTANT Wild Hunger 2
INSTANT Gnaw to the Bone 1
INSTANT Naturalize 1
CREATURE Young Wolf 4
CREATURE Festerhide Boar 1 Boar
CREATURE Moldgraf Monstrosity 1 Insect
CREATURE Scorned Villager 1 Human Warewolf
CREATURE Grizzled Outcasts 1 Human Warewolf
CREATURE Strangleroot Geist 2 Spirit
CREATURE Briarpack Alpha 2 Wolf
CREATURE Viridian Emissary 3 Elf Scout
CREATURE Village Survivors 1 Human
CREATURE Grave Bramble 1 Plant
CREATURE Boneyard Wurm 1 Wurm
CREATURE Essence of the Wild 1 Avatar
CREATURE Acidic Slime 1 Ooze
CREATURE Acid Web Spider 1 Spider
CREATURE Ambush Viper 1 Snake
CREATURE Hollowhenge Beast 1 Beast
CREATURE Hamlet Captain 1 Human Warrior
CREATURE Lumberknot 1 Treefolk
CREATURE Elder of Laurels 1 Human Advisor
CREATURE Vorapede 1 Insect


Now here are MY cards, first my Innistrad deck. Let me know what needs fixing/adding, etc. Like in Chris’s decks. We’re both getting into this again and aside from drafting Dragons Maze stuff we want to improve our old decks. I need to really get back into the whole Magic scene so that I can actually blog properly about the stuff. In the meantime, help!!


Chrissy’s Deck A – Innistrad
ENCHANTMENT- AURA Bonds of Faith 2
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Silver-Inlaid Dagger 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Sharpened Pitchfork 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Butcher’s Cleaver 1
SORCERY Increasing Devotion 2
SORCERY Gather the Townsfolk 2
INSTANT Doom Blade 2
INSTANT Undying Evil 3
INSTANT Tragic Slip 3
INSTANT Faith’s Shield 2
LAND Swamp 6
LAND Plains 10
LAND Ghost Quarter 2
LAND Vault of the Archangel 1
LAND Evolving Wilds 3
CREATURE Angelic Overseer 1 Angel
CREATURE Elite Inquisitor 1 Human Soldier
CREATURE Mentor of the Meek 1 Human Soldier
CREATURE Champion of the Parish 1 Human Soldier
CREATURE Ravenous Demon/Archdemon of Greed 2 Demon
CREATURE Accorder Paladin 4 Human Knight
CREATURE Elite Vanguard 2 Human Soldier
CREATURE Village Cannibals 2 Human
CREATURE Mirran Crusader 2 Human Knight
CREATURE Village Bell-Ringer 2 Human Scout
CREATURE Unruly Mob 2 Human

Card Count – Magic: The gathering – Part B

So I took inventory of all the cards in Chris’s Dark Ascension deck. I’m listing them here, if you have comments how to make it better GIVE THEM! The number next to them refers to the amount of that card in the deck. Mind you the cards listed aside from the deck we’re not sure why we put them there, likely to add in, but could just have been something we did for no reason.


Chris’ Deck B – Dark Ascension
ENCHANTMENT – AURA Curse of Stalked Prey 1
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Infiltration Lens 3
LAND Inkmoth Nexus 2
LAND Haunted Fengraf 3
LAND Mountain 17
SORCERY Faithless Looting 2
SORCERY Act of Treason 2
SORCERY Goblin Grenade 4
SORCERY Arc Trail 4
INSTANT Gut Shot 2
INSTANT Brimstone Volley 4
INSTANT Artillerize 4
CREATURE Goblin Fireslinger 4 Goblin Warrior
CREATURE Hellrider 1 Devil
CREATURE Torch Fiend 3 Devil
CREATURE Forge Devil 4 Devil
CREATURE Goblin Arsonist 4 Goblin Shaman
CREATURE Goblin Gaveleer 4 Goblin Warrior

ENCHANTMENT Secrets of the Dead 1
ARTIFACT Torpor Orb 3
INSTANT Into the Core 3
INSTANT Artful Dodge 1
INSTANT Dismember 1
CREATURE Russet Wolves 1 Wolf
CREATURE Loyal Cathar/Unhallowed Cathar 1 Human Soldier/Zombie Soldier
CREATURE Niblis of the Urn 1 Spirit
CREATURE Elguad Inquisitor 1 Human Cleric
CREATURE Nephalia Seakite 1 Bird
CREATURE Niblis of the Breath 1 Spirit

Card Count – MAGIC: The Gathering – Part A

So I took inventory of all the cards in Chris’ Innistrad deck. I’m listing them here, if you have comments how to make it better GIVE THEM! The number next to them refers to the amount of that card in the deck.


Chris Deck A (Innistrad)
INSTANT Ranger’s Guile 3
INSTANT Naturalize 4
INSTANT Gnaw to the Bone 4
INSTANT Dream Twist 3
INSTANT Forbidden Alchemy 3
LAND Island 4
LAND Forest 8
LAND Shimmering Grotto 3
LAND Hinterland Harbor 2
LAND Woodland Cemetery 1
LAND Swamp 2
ARTIFACT – EQUIP Bonehoard 2
Enchantment – AURA Wreath of Geists 2
SORCERY Unburial Rites 2
SORCERY Sever the Bloodline 1
SORCERY Spider Spawning 4
CREATURE Deranged Assistant 4 Human
CREATURE Armored Skaab 4 Zombie Warrior
CREATURE Birds of Paradise 1 Bird
CREATURE Boneyard Wurm 4 Wurm
CREATURE Ghoultree 1 Zombie Treefolk
CREATURE Splinterfright 2 Elemental
CREATURE Avacyn’s Pilgrim 3 Human Monk

INSTANT Forbidden Alchemy 1
INSTANT Negate 2
CREATURE Merfolk Looter 2 Merfolk Rogue
CREATURE Viridian Emissary 3 Elf Scout
CREATURE Llanowar Elves 4