Photo Challenge Week 1

I decided to re-do the whole photo challenge thing, but post my photos grouped weekly. This week I’ve gotten out to do a lot of exercising (walking) and the flowers have been good for my mood, the walking in public by myself has been good exposure therapy for my anxiety.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7


Photo Challenge – Day 3


“Mission complete” finished a thousand piece puzzle with help of my mom. Somewhere along the way though we likely vacuumed up one piece.

“Photo Challenge”

I think a photo a day for so many days thing would be neat and keep me on my toes with taking pictures; a hobby I enjoy. I’ll use my phone camera for now because it’s pretty good. I’d do film but my rebel is broken…It turns on but that’s about all it’ll do. I wasted 2 very EXPENSIVE rolls of film while trying to load them. Instead of rolling out the film the proper way getting it ready to take a full roll of pictures, it instead shoved all the film back into the canister and a little of me died inside. Not even picking up a throw away camera could really ease the pain right now. That and they’re getting more expensive every year.

I got the idea for this photo challenge thing from a complete ditzball on facebook I have little respect for. I saw what she was doing it and to admit I hated all of her pictures. They were taken in the dark, or of random things like an alley (not even like one in her neighborhood, just a random alley) I guess that’s her version of “artsy” but not mine, I like making well composed photos with good lighting and contrast and sharpness. Not being able to focus on certain aspects of a picture with a cell phone (no matter how many megapixels are at my disposal) or a throw away camera is going to make me sad, but this could be fun. I don’t want to say that I’ll for sure stick with it, and being imperfectly human I’m almost “ashamed” to be doing a project that that ditzball is doing because of pride issues (I’m a Leo afterall) but that’s a stupid reason not to do something that I might enjoy. At least I can admit my faults in being perfectly imperfect though I don’t like being so (like every other perfectly imperfect human).

For now I’ll give it a shot, I’ll even perhaps throw in some candid snapshots and such. I usually try to avoid those when I present any work I do, just because it’s not so professional looking and I take great pride in my compositions, but this is supposed to just be a casual sort of dealy thing it seems, so why the heck not.

So…Day 1 “Taking Risks”