WIN: Who is Next?

One of my best friends is Korean and Friday night we finally got to spend some girl time together. We watched The Purge (which was awful) and then bummed on YouTube until she remembered a show she saw an episode of that she thought I might like, we ended up finding the entire series (to date) on Mnet (6 episodes) which if you like survival shows and music/dancing shows you’ll absolutely love regardless of your nationality. I love this show so much I’m sharing it with you now!


BIGBANG covers as sung by a white girl who speaks no korean.

As the title suggests, these are the closest things I’m getting to song covers by BIGBANG (‘Monster’ and ‘Blue’) and it took me 2 years to have the ca-ho-nays to record myself singing any of it. Easiest part of either song? Chorus. Most catchy part of either song? CHORUS! So guess what I sung? OH YEAH THE CHORUS’! G-Dragon should marry me for being so white yet singing his songs for 10 seconds at a time.  The videos are awful because they’re of my romanized paper writings that I instagrammed, then used my phone to record over the background picture. So classy. BUT EITHER WAY FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND YOUR VOCAL CORDS! #bornagainkorean