Drawing Your Life

Saturday’s are slow, so I’ve busted out one of my birthday presents (Drawing Your Life) and am on my way to furthering my appreciation of the little things in life.




So Disney and Sephora got together and made makeup babies. I don’t own all of the products, though they have perfumes and lipsticks, etc. However, I did buy the two stars of the show for each limited edition set (Eyeshadow!). I’m from what I like to call the ‘Princess Generation’ of Disney which is totally who they created this line for in my opinion.

The first in this princess collection was Cinderella. The second, was Jasmine. Jasmine comes with a blush and bronzer where Cinderella does not. Here are some pictures, as well as how they look on light skin and the first set of eyes I did with my Jasmine palette.

For starters, this is the Cinderella palette packaging.


Here is the palette when you slide it out of the box.


Both palettes have a hollow inside box. You take the thin plate of shadows off at the bottom and can fit applicators and small brushes…or other secret things!


I took NYX white eye shadow base and with my finger blended it all over the top of my hand as a canvas, then with a brush, sampled all of the colors in order so you could see them on skin.


You can see which are shimmery and which aren’t.


Here’s the Jasmine palette which came in the mail yesterday!


Inside. There isn’t a good black or super dark shade in this palette FYI, if you use a black eye shadow to line your eyes you’d want to have another on hand. The one in the Cinderella palette is handy.


Same canvas, only the eyeshadows.


Here are the final eyes, as I forgot to bring my liquid liner and white eye pencil to line the waterline. The picture BELOW this picture is obviously instagramed but shows the intensity of the colors better since you can’t stand in front of me and see it for yourself. You can’t see the side wings much either, even though they’re subtle…blah! I’m not Michelle Phan but I figured I had fun playing yesterday and I thought I’d share.

The red I used was ‘arabian sunset’, the yellow was ‘cave of wonders’ and the highlight was ‘sand in the glass’. They go together really well.


Any Disney Princess Makeup Buff needs these 😀